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Custom NBX V3000 System RFQ Form
Want to configure your own 3Com NBX V3000 System? Just fill out the information below and we will send you a quote.
 Step 1: Configure Your NBX V3000 System
NBX V3000 IP Telephony Platform
Includes 4 analog FXO ports, 1 analog FXS port, and 4 ports/400 hours Voice Mail
Additional  Interface Modules (Line Cards require NBX 100 Expansion Chassis)
NBX V5000 Chassis
NBX 4-port Analog Line Card
NBX T1/PRI Digital Line Card
NBX 4-port Analog Terminal Card
NBX Analog Terminal Adapter
 Phones and Attendant Consoles
NBX 3102 Business Phone
NBX 3100 Basic Entry Phone
NBX 3101 Basic Phone
NBX 3101 Basic Speakerphone
NBX 3103 Manager Phone
NBX 3105 Attendant Console
NBX 3106 Cordless Phone
NBX 3107 Cordless Phone
NBX pcXset Softphone
NBX Polycom Conference Phone
 Power Options for NBX Phones (Phones do not come with a Power Supply)
Power over Ethernet (Ethernet Power Source)
Local Power Supply
 Voice Mail
VoiceMail Ports Option  
Basic Remote Install   Yes (recommended)
 Optional Items to Quote
NBX Phone Headsets
Do you need a LAN Switch?
Yes No
Do you need a UPS power backup?   Yes No
If you would like us to quote any other items not listed above, please list them below:
Step 2: Your Information
3Com's dealer agreement forbids posting NBX pricing on the web. As a Gold Level Voice Certified NBX provider we cannot post prices on the web. However, we will provide you with a specific quote response within 3 hours by email. That is why we require your email address. Be assured that NBX Store.com is stridently opposed to Spam. We do NOT send unsolicited email and we will not sell or provide our customer's email to third parties.
Status: End-User Reseller  required
Company: required
First Name: required
Last Name: required
Email: required
Phone Number: required
Fax Number: required
Location: required
  We ask for your location so that our engineers can determine (based on time zone) what is the best time to follow up on your request
If you would like to send us a message or ask us any questions, you may enter it here:
By submitting this information to us you are requesting a sales quote on the product listed above. You are not subscribing to any other offers.

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